Gas Can: 2016 AAF-KC Creative Conference

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Unity Temple on the Plaza

What is Unity Temple on the Plaza?

Our Mission

To be a continual source of nourishment for the increase of spiritual awareness by providing support and encouragement to the people of the community for the increase of peace and harmony in their lives and to encourage the people who come to this center to collectively join together to further the peace and harmony in the world.

Our Vision

We hold faithfully to the vision of a peaceful planet earth. A place where the world’s population is united as one and committed to providing moral support, encouragement, and a wholesome living environment to every person individually and to every nation as a whole. A place where harmony is at all times prominent, and prejudices, discriminations, endangerment to other species, pollution and other environmental problems no longer exist.

Unity Temple on the Plaza

707 W. 47th St. 
Kansas City, MO


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