Tim Marks teaches the basics of improvisational acting, and how they can help you be a better communicator, creative, and collaborator.

About Tim

@kcimprov and @mostlylegal

Tim Marks is the Owner and Chief Improvisational Officer of The KC  Improv Company and its home, the Kick Comedy Theater. He  started in improv comedy in 2000 to become a better attorney and to have fun. He did both. Now he has stopped practicing law, and he has more fun. He is the founder and one of the instructors of the KC Improv Training Center, which he founded in 2010. He has also taught in seven states, at multiple national improv festivals, and has taught corporate workshops for Barkley, Hallmark, Gatorade, and many others.

Tim has acted in local films and plays, and in a national commercial for beer.*  He has been lucky to perform improvisational comedy with great people in Chicago, New York, Florida, and even Topeka, Kansas. He was honored to be featured on Jimmy Carrane's improv podcast "Improv Nerd," putting him in the company of stars like Key and Peele, Bob Odenkirk, and Cecily Strong.  

*If Busch Light counts as beer.


“Life is improvisation. All of those [improv] classes were like church to me. The training had seeped into me and changed who I am.” -- Tina Fey