Gas Can: 2016 AAF-KC Creative Conference

(816) 822-0300

AAF-KC’s Gas Can Creative Conference is back and better than ever at Unity Temple on Friday, June 24, 2016. The all-day conference is devoted to keeping the creative spirit alive in everything you do, no matter what you do.

More than a dozen inspiring speakers from industries diverse as filmmaking, advertising and artisanal furniture will reignite your passion for your career, your craft and your purpose.

This isn’t just a conference just for the bearded, the skinny-jeaned or whatever stereotypes the word “creative” conjures up. This is a conference for the problem solvers. The visionaries. The burners of midnight oil. In short, the doers.

Remember how you set out to change the world? You were a gas can full of accelerant, daring the embers of passing fires to burn close. It only takes one strike to make the boom, and we have plenty of matches.

First, recognize the creative fuel in you. Next, register for Gas Can 2016 and spark something.

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