Beth Nybeck received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Northern Iowa. She lives and works in Kansas City as metal sculptor and public artist. Nybeck bends and shapes large sheets of metal into abstract elegant sculpture. Her forms are inspired by elements of the natural world. You can often find Nybeck out in the middle of nature, transfixed by the small nuances she discovers. She will point out how the dew hangs within a spider web, or the intricate pattern found on a decaying leaf, or how a field of wheat can look like the ocean on a particularly windy day. You can see the power, grace, movement, and subtle characteristics of nature within her artwork. 

The content of her artwork is often centered around a spirit of collaboration and laced with an element of storytelling. In past projects, Nybeck works closely with the community to create a dialogue that becomes a central part of the final artwork. Nybeck works on large scale sculptures for a variety of public locations. Her artwork can be found in parks, universities, airports, and downtown plazas across the country. Nybeck’s work strives to be interactive in a tangible and tactile way.

Her recent commissions can be seen at North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC), Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ), Northland Innovation Campus (Gladstone, MO), John Wayne International Airport (Santa Ana, CA), Playable Sculpture Park (Sandy Springs, GA) and Hoover Park (Palo Alto, CA).

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